Transcriptions for Clarinet Choir

An attrattive anthology with original transcription by Orchestra Mediterranea di Clarinetti directed by Gianluca Campagnolo. A program with several well known melodies performed with ease and happiness.

1. Verdi: Giuseppe Verdi Preludio da “La Traviata”
2. JS Bach: Minuetto
3. Dvorak: 4 Dances
4. JS Bach: Aria on G string
5. Borrometi: Valzer
6. Kachaturian: Armenian Song
7. Schwartz: Vienna Baroque Suite
8. Mascagni: Intermezzo
9. Bloch: Prelude
10. Bartok: Folk Songs
11. JS Bach: Corale
12. Mozart: Andante
13. Mozart: Piccola Serenata Notturna
14. Rimski-Korsakov: Il volo del Calabrone
15. Abreu: Tico-Tico

Mostly very nice arrangements played quite well.

The Orchestra Mediterranea di Clarinetti is a very fine clarinet choir and, with their director, Gianluca Campagnolo, they have made several recordings of this type. Like any ensemble with very similar timbres, this is a bit of a niche attraction and the performances have to be very good. This group is, indeed, very good and these arrangements are mostly quite nice.  I’ve always found playing in groups like this a lot of fun and listening to them mostly fun. I think this will appeal the most to clarinetists but there is a bit of something for everybody.

Daniel Coombs, Aud Aud Review