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Catalog ref. : AAP11002

A CD dedicated to David Clark Little’s music inspired by fractals and chaos theory. 

Music by David Clark Little:

Specifications 1. Con licenza e rubato
Specifications 2. Andante misterioso, ma preciso
Specifications 3. Ripresa risoluto

Specifications, for harp solo, 2000.

Written for harpist Floraleda Sacchi. Premiered on August 30, 2001 in Amsterdam, Theatre Bellevue, during the 5th European Harp Symposium

Specification is composed of three parts. In the first part, entitled “Con Licenza e Rubato”, noteheads are written without stems or beams, but with tempo indications and nested phrasing marks. The player is given rhythmic improvisational freedom. In the second part, “Andante Misterioso ma Preciso” emphasis is on special playing techniques for the harp, which produce unusual sounds. It alternates perussive sound section to fluid atmospheres and sounds. In the third part, “Ripresa Risoluto”, fast dance-like passages with spectacular leaps have the upper hand. The title of the piece refers to the specific and detailed notation needed to write an idiomatic modern piece for the harp.

David Clark Little (1952, USA).

After receiving a BS in chemistry, he studied harpsichord, finishing with Gustav Leonhardt. Since 1988 he has developed compositional methods using the computer and based on the new “chaos science” and “fractals”.

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