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Catalog ref. : AAP13001

A CD dedicated to Cristian Carrara’s music.

  1. Canzone fra le guerre
  2. Neve corrente
  3. A little tango to my wife
  4. Accenni E Ripensamenti
  5. Visioni Romane
  6. Preludio
  7. Ludus
  8. Carillon
  9. A Prayer
  10. Habanera Per I Tuoi Occhi
  11. Looking for Clara Schumann
  12. Ninna Nanna

I met Cristian Carrara, a person of great simplicity and kindness, and later I had the pleasure to listen to his music. When he improvises on the piano, the smiling boy I met before, reveals an unexpected depth colored with poetry and melancholy. Intrigued, I listened to “Piano Diary”, a diary written with notes rather than with words, and I thought I could bring back the music of Cristian vaguely to neo-romanticism, albeit in various details his music reveals a study and an awareness that few composers of this movement have. I continued listening to “LiberMundi”, a work that continues, despite its originality, the long tradition of Italian melodic tradition, and “Destination of the Blood,” which fits perfectly in the Italian school for soundtracks. I finally came across his music written for an absolutely pop context (to be presented at Sanremo Festival) as “Song between the wars”, also included in this recording with a new arrangement.
Different genres in which Cristian engages without embarrassment and with great flexibility or perhaps smoothing the boundaries created by those who still want to build walls instead of bridges in the musical world.
In this portrait, which includes his works arranged for the recording, or songs written specifically for Harp or Cello and Harp, the genres mix together and wars and struggles melt in Roman views or hypnotic music boxes that touch us gently, but not without leaving a trace…
(Floraleda Sacchi)

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